Blind Encounters

Narrative, comedy, 18 minutes

Kate, a dazzling woman in her mid-20s confidently strolls through the park on her way to rendezvous with a promising young man. Her charm turns heads from both genders. However, upon meeting her date, she realises that it’s only the beginning of an unforgettable adventure – or is it a misadventure?

Cast: Carolina Buhck, Daisy Verma, Bart Kalisvaart, Domenico Gemoli, Borna Japundzic, Bart van Langen, Denzel Ndongosi

Musicians & Performers: Camille Gribbons – vocals, Alexander van Eck – keyboard, Adam Szeky – bass

Trivia: The premiere event took place on November 29, 2023, at the old Film Museum in Vondelpark, Amsterdam.

Blind Encounters trailer