State of Suspension

82 min. Documentary, 2008

The film examines in nine chapters what has happened to us Israelis after 60 years of independence; what went wrong, how we turned from victims to victimizers.

In a series of satirical interactions Israelis, Jews and Arabs alike, are confronted with simple questions-tasks: “Look into the camera and ask forgiveness for the killing of innocent Palestinians/Israelis”. Most people refused. “If a bi-national state with equal rights to its Arab citizens will be established here and there will be peace with the entire Arab world, who should be the new state’s new enemy”? Most people considered this question and the request to pick their favorite war from Israel’s many wars with total seriousness.

Screened: Israel

Festivals: World premiere: Levante International Film Festival (in competition), Bari, Italy

State of Suspension (a selection of scenes)