The Lobby

25 minutes documentary, 2003

How powerful is the Jewish lobby in America? This is the central question explored in the film. Considering the pro-Israeli attitude of every recent U.S. administration, it is often suggested that the Jewish lobby dictates Washington’s Middle East policy. AIPAC makes and breaks politicians’ careers, like the NRA and the former Christian Coalition. However, does this organization really have a major influence on U.S. foreign policy? In The Lobby people from varying backgrounds with diverse political attitudes, present their opinion on this matter. Interviewed are:

Steven Grossman – former president of AIPAC.
Malcolm Hoenlein – Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations representative.
Denise Majette – Georgia congresswoman.
J.J. Goldberg – Jewish weekly Forward editor.
Janet McMahon – Washington Report editor.
Noam Chomsky – MIT professor.

The opinions of these and the other interviewees form a rounded, rational and unemotional conversation about a frequently avoided subject.

Production: A Benny Brunner and IKON (Dutch TV) production

Broadcast: Dutch TV and Al Jazeera English

The Lobby