The Wall

54 minutes documentary, 2003

The Wall is a provocative documentary that explores the controversy surrounding the “security fence” or “terror prevention barrier” built by Israel to separate it from the occupied West Bank. The Palestinians view the fence as a land grab. In this film, director Benny Brunner presents a critical perspective on the wall, portraying it as a manifestation of the deeper issues facing Israel. The film includes interviews with Israeli leftists such as journalist Amira Hass and political activist Haim Hanegbi, who strongly denounce the wall, as well as Palestinians who detail the negative effects of the wall on their daily lives and livelihoods. This timely film, produced for Dutch television, is certain to spark debate and discussion.

Production: A Benny Brunner and VPRO (Dutch TV) co-production

Screened: Israel

Broadcast: Dutch TV

Festivals: 2004 Toronto JFF 2004 Barcelona International Jewish Film Festival (BIJFF) 2004 Vienna Jewish Film Week

The Wall